Album: Black Sunday
Producer: DJ Muggs and B-RealTaking over like a blunted multi-culti Beach Boys for the hip-hop generation, Cypress Hill were the original hip-hop prophets of pot. B. Real, Sen Dogg and underrated producer DJ Muggs—the Brian Wilson of the bunch—defined the group's bong-inspired boom.

“Weed makes music sounds better, even your walk has a better stroll to it,” Sen Dogg once said. “Weed is something that enhances life. It's not a drug and I don't see it as a drug.”

The song “I Wanna Get High” was the lead-off track to their sophomore album Black Sunday. Their strangely sinister soundscapes were a dense wonderland of screaming sirens, eerie echoes and slowed-down funk. Although rarely given real props, the Cypress cats were game changers for real, son.