Album: Licensed to Ill
Producer: Rick RubinNot saying that there's any connection, but isn't it strange that this year 4/20 falls exactly five days after the Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? I can remember back in 1986 when the lady in my life threatened to dump me if I played Licensed to Ill one more time.

I suppose she just couldn't understand my fascination with three crazed white-boy rappers sounding higher than a Led Zeppelin as they raced down the broke-down blocks of NYC like freaks out of the deleted scenes from The Warriors

One only has to peep Ricky Powell's photos in Beasties chapter of the wonderfully dope Def Jam Recordings book to see how much drug-addled fun these guys were having. The song's music video only confirms what Powell's pictures had already documented: life on the road is the shit! Sampling Richard Pryor (“Yo, man, pass that over here,” he says in a junkie voice) and Jimmy Castor (“Hold It, Now”) is dy-no-mite.