Album: A Gangster and a Gentlemen
Producer: Swizz Beatz and Saint Denson

If you don't believe things go 'round in circles like a dusty Billy Preston record, then how come the first official rap record “Rappers Delight” sampled Chic's monster disco record “Good Times” and then twenty-three years later Styles P put out a record called “Good Times.” Yet, unlike Chic founder Nile Rodgers—another New York dude who rose up from rough beginnings—Style's joint is literally about joints.

“I smoke like Bob Marley did,” P spit, “add to that, that I smoke like the Hippies did back in the '70s.” The irony of the song's title is that Style's crazy world, with its random beefs, paranoia and violence, doesn't sound like “Good Times” at all. Keep puffing, P.