Album: When Disaster Strikes
Producer: DJ ScratchBack in the 1990s, with the new millennium steadily approaching, brothers became obsessed with a bugged book called Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper. Having bought my copy on 125th Street, I dived into the murky waters of Cooper's prose on the subway ride back to Brooklyn, and was amazed by his wild thoughts on the New World Order governments, illuminati control and, of course, the forthcoming apocalypse.

The book was especially popular with truth-seeking/X-Files/Matrix watching, hip-hoppers—RZA, Tricky and Busta were all down with it. Of course, the amount of weed these cats consumed might've had something to do with their end-of-the-world paranoia.

Produced by the underrated DJ Scratch, the track from Busta's second solo disc, When Disaster Strikes, was a dope celebration of friendship and weed. Rapping in his booming style that writer Matt Diehl described as "verbal pyrotechnics," Busta put the blunt where our eyes could see and declared, “Weed smoking got me moving slow motion like we floatin' on relax ocean.” It's a shame director Hype Williams couldn't have brought that image to video.