Album: Lord Willin'
Producer: The NeptunesComing from the same southern state as the Clipse, my Virginia-born grandmother was an old-school country gal who referred to all drugs as “that stuff.” As in, “Boy, you been smokin' that stuff?” or “I think Jimmy is shootin' that stuff.” As far as she was concerned, drugs was drugs—it was all just “that stuff.”

The Clipse's debut Lord Willin', considered a classic disc in rap circles, was all about “that stuff.” Yet, while the Thornton brothers Pusha T and Malice mostly rapped about the coke/crack that kept them on their grind, those good ol' boys were also down with getting blitzed on blunts.

With a Neptunes beat and Pharrell's “faux-falsetto” crooning on the hook as smoothly as William DeVaughn, the track “Gangsta Lean” was laced with weed references as the group told tales of the spell their “lady” whipped on them. “'Cuz I'm lovesick, got me all choked up,” Pusha T rapped. “Look, you keep my head in the clouds mami,'till I can't breathe.” As grandma would've said, “That stuff make ya act strange.”