Album: Like Father, Like Son
Producer: Nasty BeatmakerzOver the years more than a few obvious drug addicts have crossed over to the pantheon of pop star heroes, in the world of hip-hop no rapper plays that role better than Lil Wayne. When I interviewed him a few years ago, between the weed smoke and his mumbling accent, I thought I was going to lose my mind. “Cali Dro” takes the madness that I felt that day and makes it into a bugged weed anthem.

“I get my kush from California, get my dro from Arizona/I can get it cross the boarda, I got a rida name Winona,” Wayne slurs over a T-Mix beat. Having replaced former Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh, the new kid in the studio showed his skills.

In addition, former Dogg Pound members Daz and Kurupt step into the arena a give the “Cali” in the title some real credibility. Hell, youngblood Wayne even mentions the movie Colors, so you know he's talking about the real. Word to Sean Penn.