Producer: Lex Luger
Album: Flockaveli

Waka Flocka is one of rap's most unlikely success stories. Initially viewed as Gucci Mane's weed carrier, Waka more than proved his worth by dropping one of the most anthemic songs of the decade. The song—coupled with Rick Ross' “B.M.F.”—helped cement Lex Luger (who Waka actually discovered through Myspace, LOL) as hottest young producer in the game.

More importantly, "Hard In Da Paint" is the perfect anthem for when we feel like punching someone in the face, robbing a bank, and then proceeding to do hoodrat stuff with our friends (in that exact order). We're not saying that's not recklessly ignorant, we're just saying sometimes we feel like being recklessly ignorant. So thank you, Waka Flocka, for making it okay to feel that way.