Producer: Soundtrakk/Soundtrakk
Album: The Cool / N/A

Lupe Fiasco "Superstar" (2008)

Lupe Fiasco f/ T.I. & Young Jeezy "Superstar (Remix)" (2008)

Lupe Fiasco's second biggest hit (featuring a soul-stirring chorus sung by Matthew Santos) was not only a Top 10 record but it worked on his own terms (unlike his biggest charting hit “Show Goes On,” which was cooked up by Atlantic Records and opened with the ominous lines “Have you ever felt like you were being had?”).

The remix was something special too with Lupe celebrating nine weeks are number one, Jeezy rocking a fresh bald head like he just got out of chemo, and post-gun charge T.I. proving that—jail or no jail—he could still spit his ass off. "If you are say what you say you are..."