Producer: The Neptunes
Album: Lord Willin

Cocaine rap was becoming a prominent fixture of hip-hop in the early years of the new millennium, and the Clipse personified that style as well as, if not better than any rappers in the game. The sub-genre may have created a lot of "studio gangsters" that never had any real life experience whippin' the hard white, but Pusha T and Malice effortlessly proved they weren't in that category with their first notable hit, "Grindin."

From a production standpoint, the track signified the arrival of The Neptunes new style, and ushered in the era of their radio dominance. Choosing to forgo the typical formula of hip-hop production, Pharrell and Chad opted for a more stripped down, minimalistic sound, utilizing a predominantly bass drum heavy backbeat, with a sparse woodblock effect throughout the chorus. Combining that with the Clipse white line laced bars proved to be a success, and served as a proper introduction for the Virginia based duo.