Producer: Dr. Dre, Mike Elizondo
Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin'

After revolutionizing the mixtape game, surviving a murder attempt, scoring a scathing hit with “Wanksta,” and turning himself into the hottest rapper in the game, 50 Cent had the whole world anticipating his major label debut. The stakes were high but 50 delivered with a chart smash more dominant than anything since Snoop Dogg broke out with “Gin and Juice.”

Armed with one of the dopest beats ever (which actually belonged to D12 before 50 took it off their hands) Curtis had the genius idea of coming up with a song that's always relevant (it someone's birthday every day—duh). Beyond the beat, the song had one of the catchiest hooks in the history of rap, making it feel like the first time you heard it every time you hear it. Lyrically, 50 mostly kept it simple; celebrating life's simple pleasures—bottles of bub, tabs of ex, and sex—reflecting on how his life changed once he got down with Shady and the good Doc, and scheming on how to put the rap game in a chokehold.

With a little help from this monster hit, he did just that. Besides becoming 50's first No. 1 hit, "In Da Club" also has the distinct honor of being one of the few rap songs on Oprah's iPod. Now if that ain't an undeniable smash then we don't know what is!