Label: CBS, Epic

When critics blasted The Clash for self-indulgence after they released the double album with London Calling, they responded in true punk fashion by telling critics to fuck off and dropping a sprawling triple album with the most politically provocative title possible. Shouting out the Central American socialist rebels whom the newly elected Reagan administration considered public enemy number one was almost as bad at the time as bigging up Bin Laden would be after 9/11.

But Joe Strummer and Mick Jones never were ones to back down from a fight. And with songs like "Somebody Got Murdered" and "Charlie Don't Surf" and "Spanish Bombs" they had the tunes to back up their rebel rhetoric. From the punk rap and disco breaks of "The Magnificent Seven" to the unhinged pop of "Hitsville UK" and Mikey Dread-engineered dubwise sonics of "Crooked Beat," Sandinista remains this band's densest most eclectic work ever.