Music Links of The Day 4/5/2012

Music Links of The Day 4/5/2012

De La Soul provides a step-by-step guide for recording concept albums. [via MTVHive]

Kid Ink talks his start in music, his process for picking beats, and getting tattoos. [via HipHopDX]

Screaming Females discuss their new album, Ugly, and choosing to work with Steve Albini. [via ConsequenceOfSound]

Pitchfork profiles Beach Fossils offshoot Dive and their frontman, Cole Smith. [via Pitchfork]

Refined Hype's Nathan S. rants about trailers, snippets, artwork, and everything else in the rap-blog world. [via RefinedHype]

Is Michael Jackson: Immortal the pop spectacle of the future? [via VillageVoice]

Jim Marshall, the inventor of the Marshall Amplifier, died today at age 88. [via RollingStone]

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