Mac Miller is known to be a young hip-hop historian with a deep knowledge of '90s hip-hop. Backstage at 106 & Park yesterday, he responded to a question about his favorite verse or artist from the old school by naming the top three rap acts that influenced him. He says, "Number one is Big L, that's who made me start to rap, when I heard Lifestylez of da Poor & Dangerous and 'Street Struck.'" He also names A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast as groups that he grew up listening to and admiring. Mac even has an ATCQ Beats, Rhymes & Life tattoo, and a Big L "Street Struck" one too. Now that's love right there. It's cool to see a new school emcee with a real respect for his rap roots. Props to Mac for that. 

Watch his full appearance on 106 & Park below.

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[via BET]