Earlier this week, when we all were busy making sure we sent our taxes were in on time, Forbes released their annual list of the wealthiest rappers. Diddy topped the list while Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Birdman, and 50 Cent all trailed behind. All them clocked in major figures and reminded us of how poor we actually are.  

The concept of aquiring wealth by any and all means is one of the most basic and celebrated aspects of hip-hop culture. Maybe it's because hip-hop rose from the slums of the Bronx or because the long, wretched history of America is filled with people of color living in poverty or because we just take capitalism, but for us, mantras like  "Get money" and "Get rich or die trying" are a way of life. 

Ever since Eric B. and Rakim were trying to get paid in full on their album cover, rappers posing with fat wads of cash have become an almost obligatory pose (so much so we'd bet at least one of your Facebook friends has a photo of them doing the same, #IsItYou?). That's why we put together a gallery of Pictures of Rappers Flaunting Money. More money, more problems? Nah son, don't believe it.

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