Producer: DJ Quik
Album: Classic 220
Label: Arista

DJ Quik: “Somehow, they ended up on Arista with me. Their deal got bought by Arista from Profile, like me. Every now and then they'd tuck their tail and come ask me to do a record, and be really apologetic: 'It's not gonna happen again, we're not gonna trip.' But it was all a fucking ruse. They were gonna be idiots anyway.

"So I took a guitar part that I rehearsed with Stan the Guitar Man Jones, who played on my 'Tonite' record. He also played on 'Gangsta Gangsta.' I met him through N.W.A. He played on all their early shit, like 'If It Ain't Rough' on the Eazy-Duz-It album. That was the first time I heard rhythm guitar on a hip-hop record. They were ahead of the game. Dr. Dre was ahead of the curve. I fell in line.

"I figured I could get some of that too. That could add to my musicality or whatever. So Stan gave me that guitar part, I wrote the synthesizers, the chorus. I had my brother Will Hudspeth and this girl named Tamera who was a songwriter for Deborah Cox, and she was one of Big John's artists back then—Big John was a big publishing dude—she sang the hook, and I gave it to them.

"It did pretty good, people liked it in Miami. I started to get Miami fans, because it was a breezy groove record. And the timing was good, and the hook sounded original. [Sings] 'Up in the cluuub!' Ironically enough, I would later help Dr. Dre with the drum sounds on 50 Cent's 'In Da Club.' So I guess I was born to do club shit. ”