Producer: DJ Quik
Album: Safe + Sound
Label: Profile

Dj Quik: “That's one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever had a part in. I mic'd the drums—that was my first time mic-ing real drums during the drum session. And arranging. Part of the idea came from my bass player. It was a song he was working on and I asked him to give it to me, and we sussed it out and made it into another thing.

"At that point, I figured that I could leave a legacy with this kind of music. Because all rap records date, people get tired of hearing your voice after a while. But music lives on forever. That's one of the records that I figured would be a capstone, in a sense, an important peg in my musical legacy. And I love it.

"To this day, when you put it on, it takes you somewhere else. That was like L.A. Jazz at its finest. That's when we were in the prime. Running on all cylinders. I couldn't be stopped. Three gold records in a row? I couldn't be fucked with. So why not stretch out and show homage to my favorite musicians, my jazz musicians. That's pretty much what it was.”