Producer: DJ Quik
Album: Under Tha Influence
Label: Ark 21 Records

DJ Quik: “It would have been dope had Paul Simon let me use the track. The intentions were good. I was geared to clear it, pay, change lyrics, whatever. He didn't want anyone to use it. I was like, Mr. Simon, for real? It was a great record. I would give 100% of the publishing.

"I don't care, I lost my best friend and he was dope. I can't do it with my music alone. If I can do it with your music, I think I'll leave him a legacy, like people will know that this guy was top tier.  

"Paul Simon said No, and I had to respect that. I respect it to this day. I played it for Dre, and he gave me his honest opinion. And without saying it's not as good as with the sample, he said, 'The real drums make a difference don't they?' I was like, 'Yep.' I said 'They won't let me use it.' We left it at that. I left it, and I felt deflated because that would have been really important.

"But then again, it wasn't supposed to happen because it played out the way it did. Maybe I read too much into music. I can't separate myself from it. I'm not the kind of person who can just say, 'Yeah, we did that beat, and it didn't work, but this one did pretty good!' I'm passionate about music. I try not to be! But I'd only be kidding myself. That's my real passion.”