Twitter: @swisslipstweet
From: Manchester, England
Pros: No doubt that this sound could be popular, already on a major label.
Cons: Tough to gauge how good a band is after two songs.

Swiss Lips "Grow"

Synth-pop is not a genre that's lacking in entries. It seems like every day more bands with drums, a guitar or two and a Korg synthesizer are materializing out of thin air. That being said, when synth-pop is good, it's really good and immediately rises above the crowd.

Swiss Lips released two songs without furnishing the world with much information, then they proceeded to sign a four album deal with Sony, without the label ever seeing a live performance. Since then, the band has retreated to work on a full-length debut. While catalogs this sparse are never really enough to judge a band, you can certainly consider our interest piqued.