Twitter: @YG

Pros: Has proven he can make hits—just ask Bay Area’s LoveRance who earned his first hit with the YG-assisted “Up.”

Cons: His raps are mostly about nothing

Essential Listening: 4 Hunnid Degreez

As the first west coast act added to the Def Jam roster since Warren G in 1994, Compton rapper YG is the definition of a grassroots, street rap success. He might have graced XXL's Freshman List last year, but he's yet to live up to his full potential. With a musical style that caters to aficionados of all things “ratchet,” YG makes the brand of heavy-handed and unabashedly street music you’d be embarrassed to play within earshot of your mom.


Anything the Pu$haz Ink rep touches turns into a hit, so even big name stars like E-40 have enlisted him for songs like “Function.” Be on the lookout for him to step it up and drop his debut album soon.