Producer: Rashad Smith
Album: No Way Out
Label: Bad Boy
Big always held his own when rhyming alongside his peers, but it was Jay Hova who brought the best out of him. On their third and final collabo, which found a home on Diddy's No Way Out, the two legendary MCs traded intricate mafioso drug tales that had us forgetting that Puff was on verse one.

“Young G's” was the only record on No Way Out not produced by one of Bad Boy's Hitmen, with Rashad Smith supplying the smooth, playalistic backing. Per usual, Big's verse was larger than life, with talk of murda mami's with bullet proof vests under their coochie, and driving dirty in J30's. Big's lyrical carjack, even gave listeners the helpful tip of hiring lawyers to watch lawyers so you won't go broke. Duly noted.

Accurately foreshadowing the future, Jay promised Big he'd be multi (platinum) before he died. He made good on that promise just a year later. Damn it feels good to see people up on it.