Producer: Nashiem Merick, Carlos "6 July" Broady, Paragon
Album: Life After Death
Label: Bad Boy
While Big's time in the spotlight was short, his laundry list of adversaries was long. After all the shots sent his way by the likes of Pac and Death Row, fans anticipated a response from Biggie on Life After Death. After ripping the plastic of the album, many listeners went straight to track eight on disc one to see what beef was all about.

But to let Big tell it, rap beef wasn't real beef. Nah, beef was something else entirely. So what is beef, you ask? Well among other things, it's needing two gats to go to sleep, and rolling no less than 30 deep. Biggie had heat and tough talk for his foes, and threatened to kidnap and torture anyone who crossed his path.

He even got pause-worthy by mentioning that his goon, Gutta, liked to sodomize dudes and toss them over bridges. Big didn't call anyone out by name, but "Beef" was a reminder that just because he was quiet, didn't mean he wasn't ready for war. Now ask yourself, Do you know what beef is?