Producer: N/A
Album: The Mix Tape, Vol. 4: 60 Minutes of Funk
Label: Loud
The legendary DJ Mr. Cee is largely responsible for Big's big break. He created the demo that lead B.I.G. to The Source's coveted "Unsigned Hype" column and later into the hands of budding executive Sean Combs.

Recorded by Cee in 1994, Biggie effortlessly crushed Casual's “I Didn't Mean To” instrumental, kicking his standard eyebrow-raising lyrics: “Biggie Smalls is the Wickedest/Niggas say I'm pussy, I dare you to stick your dick in this/If I was pussy I'd be filled with Syphilis/Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia/Gettin' rid of ya.”

The freestyle would later find a home on Funkmaster Flex's The Mix Tape, Vol. 4: 60 Minutes of Funk, which was released in 2000—a true treasure for those unfamiliar with Cee's early mixtapes.