Producer: N/A
Album: The Mix Tape Vol. II
Label: Loud
This three-minute freestyle, tacked on to a lengthy Funk Flex mixtape, was the world's introduction to Bad Boy's newest edition—the three kids Living Off Xperience from Yonkers. These young and hungry MCs were eager to show and prove on the mic, verbally competing for the champion verse, even trying to outshine Frank White.

Obviously the elder statesman, Biggie Smalls, had a reputation to uphold, and couldn't be outdone by the new kids on the d-block. Big made sure his verse was chock-full of quotables, claiming his “gun burn, much hotter than sunburn” and professing he “got stripes in New York like Yankee uniforms.” But Big swagged all the way out with the whole “No frills cereal with food stamps/To Armani material, copping Rembrandts” stunt.

Everyone put their best foot forward, and while the Lox would later be cleaned up and repackaged as a jiggy band, their world premiere was straight black hoodie rap.