Producer: DJ Clark Kent
Album: Life After Death
Label: Bad Boy
Life After Death had its darker moments, but it also featured some of Big's most vibrant and inspirational work. "Sky's The Limit" was a reminder that no matter what circumstances you were born into, you could rise above to find success (be it legal or illegal). Big once called it the best song he ever made.

With a smooth hook courtesy of 112, the song was an ashy-to-classy tale of a boy who once sewed tigers and alligators on his shirts, and went on to become the neighborhood boss whose orange box cutter made the world go 'round.

After Frank the Deputy shared his stories of master enterprising, he blessed us with a hustlers prayer to live by, consisting of five key elements: 1.) put money in your Moms hand 2.) get your kids a college plan 3.) stay far from timid 4.) only make moves when your hearts in it 5.) live the phrase sky's the limit.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. And see you chumps on top.