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While Biggie and Bad Boy shaped the sound of the East Coast, supplying the yin to Death Row and the West Coast's yang, it was no secret Big had nothing but love for the Left Coast g-funk sound. He evidenced this on the promo cassette “Real Niggas,” in which he freestyled over such Cali gems as “G Thang,” “Black Superman” and “Murder Was The Case.”

Kicking his patented #humblebrags, Big proclaimed he'd bought wifey a house and Junior Mafia an arcade. He even found time to shout out Death Row at the end—officially the last time we'd ever hear that. And if the final verse (over “Gin & Juice”) sounds familiar, it's because it was later used for Biggie's posthumous single “Notorious” featuring Lil Kim and Diddy. Jay-Z would also borrow the hook for a song of the same name, but if we cited every time Jay borrowed a Big line, we'd need another list (he was only bigging up his brother!)