Producer: DJ Clark Kent
Album: Conspiracy
Label: Big Beat
Chris Wallace repped for his Junior Mafia crew from day one—before we had any idea what it was or who was in it, Big was shouting out JM on records. Composed of childhood friends and associates from his BK stomping grounds, the 10-man collective inked a deal with Big Beat on the strength of Biggie's success (and industry connects).

Big recruited the Mafia's two most visible and charismatic members, Lil Kim and Lil Cease, to assist him on their breakout single, the Clark Kent-produced “Player's Anthem.” Letting Cease-A-Leo lead off and saving Kim for the closer, Biggie played more of a background role. The song was an instant success, striking Gold and blazing a trail for the Queen Bee's solo debut, Hardcore.

Big always went above and beyond for his fellow Brooklynites, so it was no surprise to learn years later that Big wrote the entire song. Yep, those are Biggie's words being spewed by Kim and Cease. The Smalls, bitch, who you thought it was supposed to be?