Producer: RZA
Album: Life After Death
Label: Bad Boy
Speculated to be filled with subliminal shots aimed at 2Pac and Suge Knight, “Long Kiss” is a dark and haunting soundscape that anchored the bottom half of Life After Death. At the time of its release, the world was still reeling from the deaths of both artists, so the diss was very much downplayed. Puffy steadfastly denied that the track was aimed at Death Row, but Lil Cease has maintained that it was a bottle of ether for Pac.

While it's true that Biggie could've just been firing off at sucker MCs, some lyrics hit a little too close to home to be mere strokes of coincidence. Zingers like “Heard through the grapevine, you got fucked four times,” call to mind rumors that Pac was stripped of his manhood in prison—not to mention the whole “Slugs hit your chest, tap your spine, flatline” sequence. Yes, it would've been in poor taste to have admitted that this record was aimed at Pac in '97. But in 2012, the evidence seems overwhelming.