Producer: Easy Mo Bee
Album: Life After Death
Label: Bad Boy

As proven on "Notorious Thugs," Big was a beast at replicating regional rap. Despite his much-advertised beef with certain factions on the Left Coast, Biggie had much California love, as he professed on "Going Back To Cali." Just because he was embattled in a feud with Pac & Suge, didn't mean he'd stop giving L.A. props.

Over slapping West Coast synths that sounded more Battlecat than Easy Mo Bee, Big gave it up for the state from which he had been unfairly blackballed, running down a laundry list of reasons why he loved Cali.

It was a bold and fatal move for Big to be high-posting in L.A., but he just couldn't resist the weather, the women, and the weed. This record demonstrated that the East Coast vs. West Coast beef was mostly a media creation—less a the battle of two coasts than a beef between two factions. However, the ultimate irony was that when Biggie was fatally shot on March 9th, 1997, "Going Back To Cali" was the song that he was bumping in the whip.