Producer: DJ Enuff, Lance "Un" Rivera, The Notorious B.I.G.
Album: N/A
Label: Big Beat
Junior Mafia came out of the gate strong with “Player's Anthem,” but when their follow-up single, “I Need You Tonight,” failed to set the world on fire, they kicked it up a notch with “Get Money” and its equally dope remix, “Getting Money.”

The original verses from Biggie and Lil Kim played up their tough guy and bad girl images, respectively. Biggie portrayed a scorned lover, coming to grips with the fact that his chick would "spread like mustard" and send Feds to his spot, and thinking about making her "milkbox material."

Kim's verse brought her sex-obsessed persona to life, portraying her as a man-eater with unapologetic gold-digger tendencies. Their battle of the sexes eventually went Platinum, making it the Mafia's most successful release to date.

For the remix, Lil Cease joined Kim and Big, boasting all over the track that had almost nothing to do with its predecessor. Tupac would later flip the same sample for his vicious Biggie & Junior Mafia diss track, “Hit Em Up.”