Producer: Lord Finesse, DJ Clark Kent
Album: Born Again
Label: Bad Boy
Many refused to believe that a commercial superstar like Big would get down with an underground king like Sadat X— but Biggie was a b-boy at heart who loved hardcore underground rap. In fact, that's all he wanted to record for Ready To Die, but it didn't quite work out that way.

There has always been a bone of contention surrounding Big and Sadat's “Come On.” The track was allegedly recorded for Big's Ready To Die album, but was scrapped by Puff at the last minute for not fitting the format of the magnum opus.

Perhaps Sadat wasn't quite popping enough? Or was it that he was "kind of spiritual"? Maybe the track itself just wasn't up to par? For whatever reason, this Lord Finesse–produced knocker was left on the cutting-room floor. Years after Biggie's death, “Come On” would appear on the posthumous Born Again album, but with a new beat provided by Clark Kent. And while it was great to see the record get an official release, the Lord Finesse original was far superior.

You'll also recognize the closing verse from B.I.G.'s infamous Madison Square Garden freestyle alongside 2Pac.