On April 11, Lil B will speak at NYU's Kimmel Center. Little was known about how and why this was planned, but it sold out in 10 minutes, so there's obviously a lot of interest. Fuse talked with Based God and got some information about his upcoming guest-speaking engagement.

How it happened:

"They reached out to me via email. Respect to NYU because they really see what I give to the world and they really believe in me. Respect to [NYU President] John Sexton. I got swag like Sexton. Spread the positive."

Why it happened:

"I wrote a book when I was 19, a long time ago [three years], and it was overlooked as one of the most positive books ever. But it's actually really cherished by a lot of people. Its called Taking Over by Imposing the Positive."

What he'll talk about:

"I wanna keep that super secret until we get there, but what I will tell you is that I specialize in the progression of humans. It's gonna be a real progressive talk and when everybody leaves, their lives will be changed. I might do some rare Based God production and show the Based God's face there."

[via Fuse]