What’s Beef?

Jay-Z said that line about “Baby money” and you were on the radio like “Man, we’re going to keep spending this baby money.” Instead of side-stepping it, you addressed it.

I thought that was funny for a nigga to holler out “Baby money.” I was like, “Wow, fuck, what do you mean ‘Baby money’? Nigga, that ain’t no little money. We around here getting it.”

It wasn’t nothing, we ain’t trip. I was like, “Yeah, since it’s such a big deal, fuck yeah we got ‘Baby Money.’ That Bugatti and that Lauder jet comes from ‘Baby Money.’”

So when Wayne spit that line on “It’s Good” about “Kidnap your bitch, get that how much you love your lady money” what do you have to say about that?

I don’t think that’s a diss record. It wasn’t more than what he said. Niggas was G’ing up about what was said. We did that, done that, off that brother. We’re on our money train.

Recently, when Drake got into a beef with Common you stepped aside. You seemed to not even like the idea of dissrecords.


I thought that was funny for Jay-Z to holler out 'Baby money.' I was like, 'Yeah, we got Baby money. That Bugatti and that Lauder jet comes from Baby money.’


That’s never been our thing. Making diss records takes away from people wanting to hear your music because you’re focusing on some bullshit. That shit just gets annoying after a while. I never wanted to get caught up into that.

I love Drake, I’d die for Drake. We riding on whatever he do. But my philosophy is I don’t make diss records, that shit just not cool to me.

But a lot of great MCs have made great diss records.

If you do the history of niggas with beef and diss records, you won’t be able to track them down. That shit don’t make stars out of motherfuckers. It don’t make you a bigger celebrity cause you come and go quick.

We not a brand about coming and going, we wanna be around forever. I want my kids’ kids running this shit. We had plenty of opportunity [to beef], we been at war since we got in this shit. We had plenty of opportunities to entertain bullshit, but bullshit don’t make you no money.

I always tell anybody to stay focused and make the music for your fans and the people. Stay creative. You can’t stay creative with beef that’s just “Fuck you, bitch nigga.” That shit takes up too much energy for nothing.

Lil Wayne & Retirement

In the past few years Lil Wayne has become a fashion icon. What do you think of the way he dresses?

We just living life, having fun. We ain’t tripping on nothing. We know where we come from. We ain’t bothering nobody. They gonna dress how they feel, come as they go.

Wayne recently has hinted at retiring. Have you guys ever had that discussion?

He was saying by the time he hits 35 [he’d retire], I heard him say that. But nah, he’s on a mission right now.

But do you think when he hits 35, he’d seriously consider retiring?

One thing about my son is that what he says is what he means. When he does retire, that’s when I’m going to stop fucking with it altogether because it ain’t gonna be no need. He’s going to take us where we need to go. When he retires, that’s when I stop.

So you’ll retire as well?

Yeah. It won’t be no need for me no more because he’s going to take us further than I ever could. I been doing this shit for 22 years, another six or seven years for him. When that day comes, you won’t hear or see Stunna. But until then, we’re going to go hard like there’s no tomorrow.

When you retire, that would be from music or would that be from business?

I could just sit back and kick my feet up, spend time with my kids and grandkids. That’s all I want to do in my life. I’ve been content with what we’ve made and what we got.

On some reality shit, we have to better as artists. How some people have it today and don’t have it tomorrow—we have to do better than that as a team and survive long term in this business. A lot of this came and went and niggasbe financially fucked up.


One thing about my son [Wayne] is that what he says is what he means. When he does retire, that’s when I’m going to stop altogether because it ain’t gonna be no need. He’s going to take us where we need to go. When he retires, that’s when I stop.


That’s something I try to preach to [my team]: niggas got to be right. Niggas got to be smart with their money. Try to do things the proper way and make cautious investments. Put it up however you do it but, when it’s said and done, you can’t be one of them niggas with nothing because that ain’t going to make no sense.

I’ve never had a vacation in my life. My friends tell me all the time “Man, take a break.” I would like one day to be able to sit back and enjoy life without having every day be all business. I do all day business and I love it, I don’t want to do nothing else. I’m in love with what I do. I’m passionate about success, so I can’t see past not doing what we’re doing.

It seems like you’re addicted to your job. How do you stop?

I don’t know man, I don’t know. I haven’t figured that part out yet. Your kids will make you stop though. Watching them become grown in front of your eyes. That’ll slow ya ass down. Your family are the ones who take the licks because you don’t give them as much as you can.

But you’ve watched your kids grow, right?

Yeah but I could’ve done more. I make sure life will be what they want it to be. My son’s 14 and my daughter’s 13 and even with Wayne—I’ve been in his life since he was 11. So that’s some of the sacrifices, your family doesn’t get as much time. You’re dedicated to trying to be successful. Ain’t no limitation on that time when you’re trying to be successful.

Do you regret that?

I don’t regret it. If [I didn’t do this] I’d be in the projects, in the penitentiary, or dead so I could never regret it. That’s the sacrifice for a nice life. Don’t get it fucked up like it’s bad. I just would like to do more. I see my kids everyday and pick them up from school when I’m home, but I’m rarely home. Out of a year we might travel 9 months.

It’s tough.

Well, it ain’t tough. Life is tough. Can’t complain about that. But one day in my life, I’d like to just kick back go on my yacht with a free mind. Ain’t gotta worry about no [business].

That ain’t where my head at right now. I’m focused on my shit and my business. This what we about. Keep going striving hard as we possibly can. I’ll deal with that day if that day ever comes. I’m going to be on my 180 foot yacht, sitting out there in that Pacific, enjoying life with my kids and grandkids.


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