Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II
Label: Ice H2O/EMI Records
Producer: Erick Sermon

Erick Sermon: “That was an interlude. I don't look at that as being a record. That beat was Busta Rhymes' beat. He gave that beat to Raekwon. Raekwon had used another beat that I gave him, but he didn't [put that song on the album]. He used the one of mine that Busta Rhymes gave him. Busta Rhymes was an Executive Producer for that album.

“He blew up [again after that album]. He did was he was supposed to do as a hip-hop artist. He didn't conform, he did Raekwon. He won. New York Times, iTunes. He did it right. Even though it was a good story [to be a producer on the album], I would've wanted to have a real record, with some depth, like 'Goldmine.' But I'm not mad, because I was on it.”