Album: Breath Of Fresh Air (Mixtape)
Label: Def Squad
Producer: Erick Sermon

Erick Sermon: “He was nicer back then [when he was on the Erick Onasis album under the name Tephlon Da Don]. What you hear right now is how he's always been. It took him a while to come in, but he was nice back then.

"Tony Draper brought him to my house. He would drop him off at a hotel in Long Island, then he used to come over here, and we used to do records. I used to let Redman hear him too, and he would be like, 'Yo, homeboy's nice.' He was always nice on the mic. Metaphors, style, technique. He came in how he had to come in, but he was more of an East Coast rapper.

“In every interview, he brings my name up. He always talks about how I was influential in his career, and how he watched EPMD, and the sequels, how we did things, and how he learned a lot from being over here with me.

"So when I made the beat with the Biggie Smalls 'Get Money (Remix),' I just figured it would be dope to have him on there [because he's like the new Biggie].

“That wasn't a real video. Somebody was having a party, and my boy was up there filming. And I said, 'Yo, let's see if you can do this, because if this comes out pretty cool, we can do a real video.' I fired him, because he put that out without me giving the okay, knowing that it wasn't a real video.

"I was like, 'Let's see,' because he was new. None of my friends were there, I wasn't even dressed up. My crew wasn't even in the video, and there was no Ross. Why would I play myself and do that video? I'm Erick.

“Hopefully, one day soon [we'll do something else together]. He always asks me. I saw him at DJ Khaled's birthday party, and he was like, 'Yo Erick, I know you got something for me. Where is it?' I'm like, 'I'm gonna get it to you.' So he's waiting for me to bring him something. And when I do, you know it's gonna be right.

“It feels amazing to have this resume. They can't take that away from me. Even if they don't mention my name, they'll be like, 'Yo, that's the most underrated producer in the game!'”