Producer: Too $hort
Album: Life Is...Too $hort
Label: Jive

Too $hort: “My engineer on the Life is Too $hort album was Al Eaton. Al Eaton had a studio called One Little Indian Studios, and he was a pretty good guitar player. He would suggest certain songs. Al was the force behind Life is Too $hortand definitely the force behind songs like 'The Ghetto.' And he did guitar on 'City of Dope.' So he pretty much spearheaded that track, and it was just based on the little guitar riff.

“I knew the music well enough, 'School Boy Crush.' I knew the music so I wanted to make a song—you know, a good song should make good music. So that's why 'Life is Too Short' doesn't have any curse words. It had a catchy hook, it felt good. Every time I get a track that I feel like it sounds like radio or sounds commercial, it sounds like a lot of people might like it—I'm kinda careful with the lyrics.”