Producer: Ant Banks
Album: In Tha Beginning...There Was Rap
Label: Priority

Too $hort: “[In Tha Beginning...] was a concept album. They wanted to get artists that were out at the time to do covers of any rap song they wanted. They didn't tell Snoop to do 'Freaky Tales'; he picked 'Freaky Tales.' And they didn't tell me to do 'I Need a Freak'; I picked 'I Need a Freak.' 'I Need a Freak' was the shiiiiit when I was in high school.

"It was like one of the first songs that would fuck the woofers up, like the woofers would just bust. I knew I could do a good little spin on it. I think back on that song, like people like that song, but a lot of the people that like the version I did, they don't even know the older version. I almost do the shit word for word, like I spin off a little bit.”