Producer: Too $hort
Album: Life Is...Too Short
Label: Jive

Too $hort: “Tha was supposed to be a song where we had these two female rappers who I called the Danger Zone. Our label Dangerous Music was gonna put their album out and I wanted to do a song with them featured on my album where an older guy gets at these little high school girls, and they're supposed to be like, 'We ain't fucking with you. We're gonna talk shit back to you.'

“We went to the studio to record the song, and then after we wrote some verses, it wasn't really like, 'I'm not giving you no pussy.' It was like, 'Fuck you! Fuck the motherfuck outta you. Fuck everything.'

"Everyone was like, 'Too $hort gon' be mad, he's gon' be mad.' Nah, I said, 'I'ma go back and write my verse and make them be mad at me like that.' So I went back and rewrote my two verses. And everyone was like, 'Man, I don't know $hort, they just fucking you up!'

Rappin 4-Tay was affiliated with our crew at the time, and I went and got 4-Tay and told him, 'Man, just bring it on and just shit on 'em.' Like, y'all can't talk about the big homey like that. Everyone loved the shit. It's like you talk all this shit about girls, how come they can't talk shit back? It's an unfair environment, you know?”