Producer: Jazze Pha
Album: Married To The Game
Label: Jive

Too $hort: “You remember MC Breed, he made 'Ain't No Future in Your Frontin.' He had a house on the outskirts of Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia. At MC Breed's house you'd see all these beatmakers, freestylers, rappers that wanted to come up, and a lot of the people that I worked with over the years came from MC Breed's house.

"They were all like a little rap clique out there in Atlanta just doing the damn thing. Jazze Pha was one of those people. He was just living at MC Breed's house. But he had the talent cause he could make a beat that was hot as fuck andhe could sing the hook. I've done lots of songs with him. I called Jazze Pha, like 'I need one.'

“Jazze Pha makes songs for people. He would say some shit like, 'Man I made this song for Snoop Dogg.' [And] he didn't even know Snoop Dogg! But he'd play it and it would sound like a song Snoop Dogg would want.”