Producer: Lil Jon
Album: Married To The Game
Label: Jive

Too $hort: “You gotta know something about Lil Jon. He's got a hell of an ear. Not just an ear for music but an ear to the streets, cause he's a DJ. He knows DJs and shit. He knows what's going on in the DJ world. So Lil Jon knew that when hyphy started being called hyphy they were including Lil Jon songs. Hyphy was not only Bay Area artists 'cause it was a lot of people's songs that weren't from the Bay that were part of the hyphy [movement]. Ying Yang Twins, they had some songs that was in on it. Lil Jon had some songs that was in on it. And Lil Jon knew that his sound was part of the hyphy movement. E-40 was smart enough to get affiliated with Lil Jon on some of that shit.

“Even though [Lil Jon] wasn't an insider, you know, neither was I. But you know we dabbled in it. By the time we got to 'Burn Rubber,' Lil Jon was saying shit like, “I'm gon' make you one of them joints, one of them hyphy joints.”