Album: My Name Is Joe
Label: Jive
Producer: Roy "Royalty" Hamilton, Teddy Riley

Mystikal: “That was another one that I didn't get a chance to record with the artist on the collaboration tip, but it wasn't nothing missing because the song was doing everything I needed it to do. I put that energetic verse on that sucker. Matter of fact, that song, that motherfucker took me to Jay Leno, so I appreciate it Joe, ya heard me?! [Sings] 'Stutter… stutter.'

“I was just having fun with that one and it wasn't my song—but that definitely don't mean I went less in on that motherfucker. But I really didn't know [it was going to be such a big hit]. I knew it was different from the songs I would've did. You'd have never heard a song like that on my album at that time. But I bet you you'll hear one like that now after that kind of success.”