Album: Let's Get Ready
Label: Jive
Producer: Earthtone III

Mystikal: “That was a real big payday, that's one thing I remember. I got paid like… shit… 75 stacks for that one personally! What the fuck!? When [my A&R] brought me the check, she was saying the same thing. 'I need to be a rapper! What the fuck?' I looked at that shit and thought it said seven thousand and five hundred. No, it's $75,000! That was awesome.

“And you heard the drums on that shit? That was that eclectic shit. And I did it in Stankonia. It couldn't have come out no other way. [OutKast] were nothing but creative. Just like me. Everybody was coming from the fucking heart with this shit, they ain't just trying to make no money. This shit meant something.

“It's always a good vibe to be around dudes like that. Just to be around real artists. That's that gangsta shit right there. Shit be magic. It got similar to what the fuck Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones be going through from time to time when they're making those fucking songs—bless his soul.”