Album: Let's Get Ready
Label: Jive
Producer: The Neptunes

Mystikal: “That's one of those songs I almost passed up because Pharrell was kind of expensive at that time and I was trying to spare my budget a little bit. When he came through with that one I was like, 'Damn!' I knew that was gonna be expensive.

“I told my A&R to cancel the studio and all that, [but] after I did all that I had the CD in the room and I pressed play on that CD player and it came on, I called her ass right back and said, 'Alright, alright, I'mma do it!' And I'm so glad I did because y'all seen the outcome.

“[I loved] everything about it, from the way it started off to putting Nivea on it. I think that sealed the deal on that right there, having Nivea's vocals on that damn thing. She was newly signed to the label so we were kinda blowing up together.”