The Score's Success

Jerry Wonder: "I remember Lauryn, 'Clef and Pras were talking like, “The last album we didn’t go gold. We have to go gold. We have to create something, go gold.” Nobody was thinking about platinum. So, nobody was thinking about that and it’s just so funny and then we realized that that album went gold and platinum.

"Shout out to my man Salaam Remi. I love him. He was a big part of this whole thing. And the music partners, it was Wyclef, Jerry Wonda, Lauryn Hill—Salaam was a big part, Diamond D was a big part of it, too. John Forte. It was a big team to put The Score together. Nobody knew it was going to be crazy big like the way it turned out to be."

Collaborating as a Group, Not By Email

Jerry Wonder: "It’s a whole other era right now. People are trying to sell beats and they can travel with social media, which is good. At the time there was no social media, and the thing is when you’re a team like then, we were together. Even if another producer was going to give us something, it was a team effort. It doesn’t work that way anymore. But some people are still doing it.

"It’s just so funny. I was talking the other day I was talking to Missy Elliott. She was like, 'For my new album, I went back to Virginia—me and Timbaland—we went back to where I came from, to where everything started. We went and we just had real talk. When we got there, we feel that and this is what we’re supposed to do in my new album.'

"Technology changed the game, but the spirit will always be the same. And that’s how you’re going to win. And if the Fugees were going to do an album, I would really go back and get Booga Basement back and go back and do the next Fugees album. That’s how I would do it."

How The Score Helped His Career & A New Fugees Album

Jerry Wonder: "If I didn’t do The Score, right, in the Booga Basement, I wouldn’t be on the phone with you today. It really helped me and that’s why I love The Score. I paid my dues with The Score. And to me, what’s the biggest thing about it. I didn’t know what was called publishing. I didn’t have publishing on it.

"Everyone’s like 'My god, why didn’t you get publishing?' It wasn’t about publishing. I don’t care about that. That was a great classic album to pay my dues on. But guess what? At the end of the day, that’s what made me Jerry Wonder!"

"The Score was a very special moment. It’s not going to happen again until God says so. I keep in touch with everybody. Everybody’s busy. Everybody’s doing their own thing. Everybody’s still friends."

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