Back in In 2003, when Jay-Z said "I got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain" there was no doubt as to who held that exalted title. Beyoncé was that hottest chick beyond a shadow of a doubt—both because Hov said she was and by all objective standards (sexy? check; stylish? check; hit records? check; stacks on deck? double check).

Nine years later, young B is still in contention for hottest in the game honors. But she's also married now, with a baby on the way—and the field has gotten more crowded than ever.

According to Billboard, 2011 was "the year of the woman" with all four of the year's top artists—Adele, Rihanna, Katy Perry and last year's champ, Lady Gaga—being solo female acts. And for the first time five women appeared on Forbes list of "Highest Paid Musicians"—six if you want to count Fergie, which we don't.

But it takes more than big bucks and brisk record sales to achieve "hottest chick" status. It's all about that intangible sizzle that separates your basic singer from a bonafide star. You've got to be sexy, with attitude to burn, and not giving a damn certainly helps. Several of this year's hottest-chick contenders have also recently split from the men in their lives, which only keeps their temperature rising.

And so as a public service, Complex answers the burning question: Who Is The Hottest Chick In The Game Right Now?

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