Beyond Gaza vs. Gully

Popcaan says the long-simmering rivalry between Kartel’s Gaza camp and Mavado’s Gully squad is now a thing of the past.

“The was a music thing,” Papi explains, “but ya dun know Vybz Kartel and Mavado them influential. So the youths them go to school, and you have some youth who say Gaza, and some who say Gully. And them just take it serious and sometime them all ah fight. Big people too—not just schoolers. Yeah so it get serious to a level where people feel like Kartel and Mavado ah 100% enemy.

”Them did have to make some form of peace and put down the war ting,” he adds. “Gaza and Gully war different from every other war throughout dancehall music. Lyrical war. Ya dun know, them ting deh build dancehall music still.”

Popcaan says he’s been encouraged to start a little beef as a way of building hype. “Right now nuff people tell me to do them ting—have rival and all that,” he reveals. “But that never really build me from first. You see me? Me never did have a rival and it wasn’t a rivalry that put me where me at right now. So maybe if me do that now, ah just for fun or to work out.”