That was a mixtape, but it kind of could have been considered an album. What’s going to be the difference between Live.Love.A$AP and your album?

I’ve got a lot more money now.

What about the content musically?

Same shit, just a different day.

It seems like every day there’s a new picture with you and a new rapper or producer. Last night you were with Alchemist.

How do you know about that?

This is my job. I need to stay on top of shit.

Oh my God.

If you could collaborate with anyone that you haven’t yet, who would it be?


Word? Why?

Because them niggas is trill as fuck.

Are you a big fan of their music?

Big fucking fan.

 How long have you been a fan of them?

Probably since around ‘08 or ‘09.

Do you think you could do some good shit with them?

I know I can.

Are you going to try and get them on your album?

I don’t know but I just would love to.

What were you like back in high school?

Some pretty motherfucker in the hallway fucking with the hoes.

Were you a good student?

I mean, I was a good nigga, but I don’t think I was really considered a student. I was never in class but I was smart as hell though. I was really smart. Teachers loved me. They loved my personality. So whenever I came to class they weren’t even upset for missing like six days and shit.

What was a typical day for you back then?

Coming to school about two hours late, best outfit on every day, hanging around the hallways, cutting in the lunchroom, cutting in gym, fucking with the bitches, chilling, losing shit. Real knucklehead young nigga shit.


Anybody that sells drugs and is successful with it is scared for their life. You’re scared for your life because you don’t know about tomorrow... There's no comfortable hustler out there.


You rap about selling drugs but don’t glorify it. You even came out and said it was corny. Why is it corny to you?

Because anybody that sells drugs and is successful with it is scared for their life. You’re scared for your life because you don’t know about tomorrow. Everybody knows you’re getting it, so they want to bust you. What I’m doing right now, people want to bust me.

So imagine if you’re doing the wrong thing and what kind of shit is on your conscience. Any minute you could get it. You’re on edge. You can’t sleep right. There’s no comfortable hustler out there. Every hustler can’t wait to stop. They want to invest in something that’s really more legit.

I just look at it like, it’s just something that wasn’t for me. I did it. I did it to get what I got, and I got what I got out of it. I left the game. I don’t plan on going back. I plan on doing this. But me selling drugs and being able to support myself and family let me know that I could do anything in life. Now I’m supporting myself and my family with this music. So I just feel blessed, bro.

How do you feel about people who shit on the skinny jean era of rap?

I don’t care. That shit is funny, whatever. Sometimes I might wear them, sometimes I might not. I’m fly as fuck. That shit don’t bother me. That shit is funny. I’m not no pro-skinny-jean-era type of nigga, like I own about three pair of skinny jeans right now. That’s about it.

I only wear them on days when I’m like, really trying to style on motherfuckers. I’m kind of tired of the skinny jean kind of thing, like super skinny. I hate that shit, but I make it look good. I’m ASAP.

Your brother was your mentor and a guiding force in your life. How does losing him most affect you?

I’ve become a spiritual person and I just owe it all to him and my dad. Him and my dad were the greatest two guys ever. My dad was a great father. My brother was a great big brother.

Did he ever tell you, “You’re going to be a big star?”

No, but he always said I was going to get all the girls. He always told me that. He said, “You look better than me. When you grow up, you’re going to get all the girls. You’re going to have all the girls. They’re going to go crazy over you.”

And he called himself Pretty Ricky, so that must have been a pretty big compliment, right?

No, sometimes girls would call him Pretty Ricky. Boys would call him Crazy Ricky.


He was crazy.

He was?

Yeah, a little bit.

When you have a big moment, like your album release party or even a shoot like this, do you think about him? When the great things are really happening?

Yo, man... I think about him and God.

How proud of you do you think he is?

Nobody ever asked me that. Nobody ever asked me that, ever. You’re about to make me fucking...

I don’t want to.

Nah, you’re straight.

Because you know he is, you know?

That’s I really hope he’s as proud of me as everybody else is. I know he is.

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