That’s great. Who had more groupies on the tour, you or Drake?



Yeah. I’m not going to lie. [Laugh.] Let’s keep it real.

Is it as crazy as people say?

Yeah, for me too. But it’s more crazy for him. [Laugh.]

How many cities did you do?

Two; Illinois and Penn State.


[Drake] has more money
than me. He has more bitches than me. He has more fame than me. And he’s more humble than I am. 


What was Penn State like, with all that fall-out?

Penn State was like, positive energy. I was actually partying more with Penn State. Penn State had some hot-ass bitches. Illinois, when I went over there, it was crazy. Kendrick killed it. Drake killed it, as usual. Honestly, being on that tour is like...words can’t explain it. I’m having so much fun. I’m a kid. I’m enjoying life.

My responsibilities...I’ve got old heads around me. All the old heads around me, they keep me from fucking up. I’m blessed to have the people around me that I have. I appreciate everybody. Aside from that, I’m having fun. That’s all that matters.

Has there been any mentorship taking place from Drake on this tour?

It was more like friendship. He doesn’t know that when he’s on, I’m on the side of the stage just watching his performance, like studying. [Laugh.] And he’s just having fun. He does the same with me.

Like, what he does is like, “Yo, so I’ve got to be in my dressing room, but I’m going to be in the crowd, like all the way in the back, and I’m going to watch you.” I’m like, “Alright, cool.” We just chill.

Before meeting Drake, I was just like a regular average person. So I know what average people say about him. He doesn’t hear it of course because I don’t hear what average people say about me.

People come back to me and say, “Yo, they’re hating,” or “Yo, they’re loving you,” but he doesn’t really know what goes on. So people have bad shit to say about him but I can guarantee if anybody meets that guy they’re going to love that guy. He’s just really a great guy.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from him?

Humbleness and sincerity. He has more money than me. He has more bitches than me. He has more fame than me. And he’s more humble than I am.

That’s a good quality.

It’s the best quality. I feel like more people need to be like that. I would prefer to be modest than belligerent or arrogant. And he’s one of them niggas where—no homo—he can let his nuts hang. He could show his ass off, no homo.

How come every time it comes to styling, it’s a gay reference like, “He can show his ass off, let his nuts hang.” [Laugh.] What else can I use? Give me one, Gino. You can’t think of one! But he doesn’t.

We threw a party the other day. The whole time, Drake is in this corner just chilling. He’s talking to his homeboy, not even fucking with the bitches. Bitches are staring at him the whole time. They’re looking at me, staring at him.

When they look at me, I’m like, “Hey, get over here.” They look at him, he don’t even see them and shit. He’s just one of those cats, where it’s like—he knows. It’s on.. I’ve got mad love for Drake. That’s my brody right there. Shout out to Chubbs. That’s his boy. That’s his Yams.

Yeah, his right-hand man. Chubbs said in our interview for the Drake cover that, “Nothing’s going to ever happen to Drake before it happens to me.”

 I’m going to be honest with you, Chubbs does not care to be in the spotlight. Chubbs is a regular-ass dude. That’s my nigga right there. I fucks with Chubbs. Please put that in there, people need to know. Everybody has a person, like a best friend—mines is Yams. When it comes to big bros, I’ve got about four. It’s my lawyer, my manager, my partner, and a consultant of mines. Drake has Chubbs, and then he has his people. But honestly, Chubbs, I stamp the approval on him. Like real nigga shit. Chubbs is good in my book.


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