We haven't heard much from Best Coast since the release of 2010's acclaimed Crazy For You, but that's okay because silence is golden.

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno have been hard at work on their still-untitled sophomore album. The two are wrapping up the album as we speak. Recently, Bethany and Bobb found time out of their busy schedule to talk to Pitchfork about the new album. They discussed everything from working with Jon Brion to this project's sound and direction. Below are a couple highlights from their chat.

On her newfound maturity and showing it on the new album:

""I need to figure out a way to get people to stop thinking of me as the 'stoner, cat loving' girl. I'm not really like that anymore. I mean, I am who I am--a weird Valley girl who likes watching TV and going to Cardio Barre. But writing this new record is the first step to the more grown-up me."
"Crazy for You was written in a very insecure, weird, 22-year old phase in my life. I am proud of those songs and what they say--and I know they were so relatable to so many people, which is really amazing. Most of the songs on this record are more about self-discovery and figuring out who I am. I'm 25 now, and things in my life are much, much different than they were then. This record is really personal--much more personal than Crazy for You. The songs are mostly about me, what I've been through in the last two years, how my life has changed, and what I've learned because of it. It's a very therapeutic record for me--I was able to get a lot off of my chest. Songwriting is the easiest way to do that for me. There are definitely still songs about love, but it's done in a different way now."

On Jon Brion's influence on the album:

"Jon was really clear that he didn't want us to make a record that sounded completely different than Crazy for You. He didn't want to come in and change our sound, he just wanted to enhance it, especially sonically... I think Jon really wanted to help us make a record that sounded more "grown up" sonically. We didn't want to make a "lo-fi" record, we wanted to make something that was produced, and sounded different than our first record without completely changing who we are."

Best Coast's sophomore album is due out this Spring, so be on the lookout. You can also listen to a demo recorded for the album here.

[via Pitchfork]