Alicia Keys: Best Seat In The House (2007 Cover Story & Gallery)

Alicia Keys: Best Seat In The House (2007 Cover Story & Gallery)Interview by Andrew Simon; Photography by Randall Slavin; Click Here For Additional Credits.

Did you have any reservations or concerns that playing a gay character was going to spawn rumors?
Well, my character wasn’t the gay character, my partner was. But there was kind of a—

There was originally a whole scene where I confronted her about it, and said, “I feel like you’re kind of pushing up on me, what’s going on?” They left that out; they wanted it to be very ambiguous, which is cool. I figured that people would probably run with it, and there was a little misconstruing about it, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t a big deal.

Romantically speaking, what are some of the things that make you feel appreciated?
I like spontaneity. I like to do things just because the thought came in your mind. I like to maybe go to the planetarium, crazy late at night. I love when a dude is cool with going to the museum with me. Especially if it’s an interesting exhibit, I’m not just trying to go see—

Dead dinosaurs?
I was gonna say something else, but let me not be crass.


I like to discreetly woo.


Crass is good.
I was saying I don’t want to go and just see dead white people.

Oh, OK. [Laughs.]
And you dragged me back into it and now it’s gonna be a damn quote in the magazine! [Laughs.] So I like things that feed your mind. Or a night where we go see flamenco dancing, or hear Arabic singing or something, you know what I mean?

I do. You’ve probably had your moments where you’ve done your own wooing, though.
I like to woo silently, discreetly. I like to discreetly woo.

Now, are you alluding to your boyfriend, Krucial Keys?
No. See, I never talk about my personal relationship, which is why I’m not in the gossip rags. The person who people do think that I am involved with is a gentleman named Krucial, who is my production partner.

So that’s all rumors—
But his name isn’t—everybody calls him Krucial Keys because we have a company together called Krucial Keys, because my name is Keys and his name is Krucial. So there, I’ve diffused all of those issues right there.

Speaking of rumors, someone sent me this news blurb; you can tell me if it’s true. “Akon says one perk of fame is having beautiful women throwing themselves at him. He told Britain’s Nuts magazine, ‘Yeah, that happens all the time. Alicia Keys, Beyoncé; I’m pretty lucky in that respect.’
[Laughing.] What do you think the answer to that question is? It’s very possible that that was misquoted, but in the event someone did say that, that tells you all you need to know.


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(STYLING) Wouri Vice for Epiphany Artist Group Inc. (HAIR) Tippi Shorter for Epiphany Artist Group Inc. (MAKEUP) Ashunta Sheriff for Dior/Epiphany Artist Group Inc. FIRST IMAGE: Top by Emporio Armani / jeans by Guess / ring by Stephen Dweck / shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti. SECOND AND NINTH IMAGES: Top by Gianfranco Ferré / Pants by D&G / Ring by Stephen Dweck. THIRD AND FIFTH IMAGES: Top and skirt both by D&G / shoes by Sergio Rossi. FOURTH AND TENTH IMAGES: Top by Emporio Armani / jeans by Guess. SIXTH, SEVENTH, AND EIGHTH IMAGES: Dress by Herve Leger. 

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