Self deprication isn't a winning formula in hip-hop. Still, a tongue-in-cheek attitude propelled J-Zone through a series of recordings, international tours, and writings.

In his new book Root For the Villain: Rap, Bullshit, and a Celebration of Failure, J-Zone shares a hip-hop odyssey birthed in West Chester County and killed off with a retirement show at the legendary CBGBs. Rap tales provide a conduit for hilarious life advice. For example, Zone explains the hardships of returning to the "real world" after 15 years of entertainment fantasy. He also explores the complicated maze of the woman's mind. And, best of all, J-Zone offers his unique sense of humor. (Who can argue against a man willing to sport "radical haircuts" as an adult?).

We met up with J-Zone to catch a few words of wisdom. Watch the video above for a taste of Root For The Villain. Afterward, you may purchase a copy here.